Complete Course for the AWS Solutions Architect Associate Certification

Amazon Web Services Complete Course with the typical exam questions.
Amazon Web Services Complete Course with the typical exam questions.

Hello everyone. I have decided to launch this course to help everyone trying to study for the AWS Solutions Architect — Associate exam, with detailed content on each service, cheatsheets, diagrams, and more. It is recommended to have passed the AWS Cloud Practitioner, although it is not mandatory as I will try to explain everything from zero. Apart from that, every lesson will contain several typical exam questions and answers to help you study for the exam.

AWS Certified Solutions Architect — Associate ( is one of the most valuable cloud computing certifications in the world today. It has been the #1 cloud certification for years, and it is recommended for people with at least one year of AWS experience solving problems and implementing solutions. This certification covers the core AWS Services. Just as a curiosity to show how important this certification is, people with this certification get an average salary of $149,446 according to PCMag (

All AWS Certifications
All AWS Certifications


So, once you have decided to study for this certification, how should you start? In the following links, which I will update once a week, you’ll be able to find all the information regarding AWS services that appear in the exam.

  1. Introduction to AWS
  2. EC2: Elastic Compute Cloud
  3. EC2 Exam Questions
  4. Elastic Load Balancing
  5. Auto Scaling Groups
  6. ELB & ASG Exam Questions
  7. EBS, EFS & Instance Store
  8. EBS, EFS & Instance Store Exam Questions
  9. S3
  10. S3 Exam Questions
  11. CloudFront & Global Accelerator
  12. CloudFront & Global Accelerator Exam Questions
  13. Route 53
  14. Route 53 Exam Questions
  15. AWS RDS & Aurora
  16. AWS RDS & Aurora Exam Questions
  17. ElastiCache, ElastiSearch, Neptune & RedShift
  18. ElastiCache, ElastiSearch, Neptune & RedShift Exam Questions
  19. AWS Messaging: SQS, SNS & Kinesis
  20. AWS Messaging: SQS, SNS & Kinesis Exam Questions
  21. Serverless Applications
  22. Serverless Applications Exam Questions
  23. Extra Storage
  24. Extra Storage Exam Questions
  25. Amazon CloudWatch, CloudTrail & Config
  26. Amazon CloudWatch Exam Questions
  27. AWS Security
  28. AWS Security Exam Questions
  29. AWS Networking Part 1
  30. AWS Networking Part 2
  31. AWS Networking Exam Questions
  32. AWS Advanced IAM
  33. AWS Disaster Recovery
  34. Other AWS Services for the Solutions Architect Associate Exam
  35. Other AWS Services Exam Questions
  36. Complete AWS Solutions Architect Exam
  37. Summary, Cheatsheet & Tips for the Exam

I’m not going to lie, the AWS Solutions Architect — Associate is quite a dense exam, with many concepts to study, but with perseverance and dedication, I am sure you will pass it! My best advice? Study every day for a little while and review the concepts from time to time. Good luck, and let’s go for it!

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