Complete Course for the AWS Solutions Architect-Associate Certification (SAA-C03)

Are you interested in getting certified as AWS Solutions Architect Associate for free? Keep reading!

Gonzalo Fernandez Plaza
3 min readMay 31, 2023
AWS Solutions Architect Associate Certification Complete Course.
AWS Solutions Architect Associate Certification Complete Course.

Hello everyone. I have launched this course to help everyone studying for the AWS Solutions Architect — Associate exam, with detailed content on each service, cheat sheets, diagrams, and more. It is recommended to have passed the AWS Cloud Practitioner, although it is not mandatory as I will try to explain everything from zero. Apart from that, every course lesson will contain the typical exam questions and answers we are asked to help you study for the exam.

You can find all the chapters at the following link.

The AWS Certified Solutions Architect — Associate certification is among the most valuable cloud computing certifications. It has been the #1 cloud certification for years, and it is recommended for people with at least one year of AWS experience with the ability to design and implement distributed systems on AWS. This certification covers the core AWS Services. People with this certification get an average salary of $149,446, according to PCMag.

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