Disaster Recovery — AWS Solutions Architect Associate Complete Course.

Chapter 24: AWS Disaster Recovery Fundamentals

Gonzalo Fernandez Plaza
5 min readFeb 8, 2022

We have reached one of the last chapters of the AWS Solutions Architect Associate Course! Today we are going to look at Disaster Recovery in AWS. Let’s imagine that, for whatever reason, an earthquake or tsunami occurs in a region where we host our servers, and our application stops working. In the case of an MVP or a minor application, it would not be so serious, but let’s imagine it is a business-critical application that affects our business considerably if it goes down. Let’s see the different Disaster Recovery strategies using Amazon Web Services!

Disaster Recovery for the AWS Solutions Architect Associate Certification.
  1. RPO and RTO
  2. Disaster Recovery Strategy
  3. Typical Disaster Recovery Questions in the AWS SAA Exam

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When we talk about disaster recovery, we have to understand two fundamental concepts before…



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