Elastic Load Balancers fundamentals for the AWS Solutions Architect Associate Certification

Chapter 4: Load Balancers Fundamentals.

Gonzalo Fernandez Plaza
10 min readJul 6, 2021

This chapter will review one of the most critical services that AWS EC2 provides, Elastic Load Balancing, and the scalability in the Amazon Web Services Cloud. We will study all the types of Elastic Load Balancers and their main features. Let’s go with it!

Elastic Load Balancers for the AWS Solutions Architect Associate Certification.

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These are the main points that we are going to discuss in this chapter:

  1. Scalability
  2. Elastic Load Balancers
  3. Load Balancer Types
  4. Health Checks
  5. Stickiness
  6. Cross-Zone Load Balancers
  7. Typical Exam Questions


When we talk about Load Balancers, we must first define the concept of scalability. Scalability in cloud computing refers to increasing or decreasing IT resources as needed to meet changing demands. Imagine that our server is running out of CPU. We don’t have to worry about it; we just scale to increase it. We can scale in two different ways:



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