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Aug 24, 2021

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Road to SnowFlake SnowPro Core Certification: Complete Course

Interested in getting certified with the SnowFlake SnowPro Core Certification? Keep reading

SnowFlake SnowPro Core Certification Course.
SnowFlake SnowPro Core Certification Course.
Estimated Percentage Domain Ranges.
Estimated Percentage Domain Ranges.


  1. SnowFlake Introduction
  2. SnowFlake Architecture
  3. SnowFlake Pricing
  4. SnowFlake Micro-partitions
  5. SnowFlake Clustering
  6. SnowFlake Tables & Views
  7. SnowFlake Stages & Storage Integration
  8. SnowFlake Data Loading. COPY INTO & SnowPipe commands
  9. SnowFlake PUT & GET commands
  10. SnowFlake Data Warehouses
  11. Resource Monitors
  12. SnowFlake Caches and Query Performance
  13. Time Travel, Fail-Safe & Zero-Copy Cloning
  14. Roles in SnowFlake
  15. SnowFlake Data Sharing
  16. Stored Procedures & User Defined Functions
  17. Tasks & Transactions
  18. SnowFlake Streams
  19. Other SnowFlake Objects: File Formats & Sequences
  20. SnowFlake Ecosystem, Compliance, Data Marketplace & Security
  21. Summary & Tips for the Exam

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